Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does Buying MLM Leads work?

Yes! Buying MLM Leads works like a charm...

...for the people selling the leads to you!

Here's a priceless principle to go by in the Network Marketing industry:  If your upline sponsor tells you to buy leads, the ONLY course of action is to run as quickly as you can as far as you can and save yourself from financial disaster.

Countless MLM distributors are losing their shirt right now buying worthless MLM leads on the advice of their sponsor who is making fat commissions on those leads.  More often than not the sponsor even owns the lead company selling the leads.

Just the other day I met a gentleman who joined an MLM company and as soon as he joined they convinced him to get on a $1,500 a month lead program.  Can you imagine spending that much money for MLM leads that you have no idea where and how they are generated?  The gentleman called 100 leads per day for five days a week for over four months with dismal results and a lot poorer.  It is very sad that people get drawn into such schemes.

People get sucked into buying leads because they are looking for a shortcut; they want to make all the money in the world yesterday.  They don't realize that by looking for shortcuts they are really taking the long road to success.

When you purchase leads, it is a requirement for you to be a salesman and 90% of the population is not good in sales.  In addition, most people hate salespeople.

Let's continue with our MLM leads discussion.

A constant flow of fresh MLM leads is key for any MLM business.  However, there is no reason to buy the leads.  The best leads you will ever get are those generated with your own efforts.  The leads are exclusive to you and you know exactly how you got them.  Moreover, if your lead generation system is good, most of these leads will be calling YOU before you call them.

Can you imagine people calling you and asking you about your business?  You are now the hunted instead of the hunter.  This is the exact situation you want to be in when building an MLM business online.  This is called attraction marketing.

That's not to say that you should not call your leads.  Network Marketing is a relationship business and you cannot avoid talking to people.  But when you have a good system, some will call you and most will already know you and will be happy to hear from you.

So how in the world do you get people to call you?

It's all about having the right lead generation system complemented with the right team.  The MLM system that you choose should work for everyone who uses it and should be designed to teach the system.  Personal development should be a big part of the system.  MLM being a relationship business the more you know yourself the better you will be able to relate to your prospects.  The system should also brand YOU and not your MLM Company.

Whatever you do, do not promote your MLM company's replicated website but instead promote yourself and you will never be stuck in buying MLM leads again.